Vending Machines in Ardmore, Oklahoma

At Southern Markets we offer the best to our customers in both the products we sell and the machines we use to vend them.

Although founded in 1946, Southern Markets is anything but stuck in the past and we pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of technology. Here are some of the latest technological advancements available to the vending world that we use to increase the quality of our service and the convenience to our customers/your employees:

Wireless Technology System – Our wireless technology system (WTS) allows us to monitor all of our machines from our home base; this means that we can know what products are more popular, when a machine needs restocked and if there is a problem with a machine before being on location. In short, our WTS keeps your machine functioning (alerting us of problems before you may even know) and full of the products you love.

Debit/Credit Card Readers – One of the major changes in our world is the increasing use of plastic to make every day purchases. Because cash is becoming less of a norm we have debit/credit card readers that we can install, allowing your employees to purchase their favorite snack/beverages even when they don’t have cash.

Sure Vend - SureVend technology uses infrared lighting to guarantee that a purchased item vends. If the purchased product does not drop the machine will try two more times to vend the snack. After the third try, if a product has not passed thru the infrared lighting the machine will automatically issue a refund.

Light Speed – Our Light Speed picking system partners with our WTS. Because we know what your machine needs before sending a driver we use a light speed picking system to pull all the products your machine needs, ensuring your driver never leaves the warehouse without the products you love and reducing the amount of time we spend in your break room.

Remote Monitoring – We have remote monitoring on all of our micro markets which allows us to use video images to scan all of our markets after the route driver has stocked them, allowing us to check the quality of their work and guaranteeing you receive the quality service we’ve guaranteed.

Mobile App – We are excited to offer our very own web based mobile app that allows our customers/your employees to quickly and easily contact us in the event of a service issue. Working in conjunction with a mobile website sticker positioned on our machines, our customers can simply visit the site with a smartphone and instantly report a service issue, ask for a product, request a refund or connect to any of our social media pages. It is our hope that by providing another outlet for customers to reach us that we’ll be able to handle more problems before they reach your facility manager or human resources director. It also allows us to engage with our customers in ways that have been previously unavailable.

Energy Star - These machines are 50% more resourceful than standard equipment, using more efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting systems. Combined with its low power mode for times of low activity, Energy Star machines save an average of $150 a year in utility bills.

For more information call us at 1-800-876-0507 or email us at One of our team members will be happy to discuss creating a service that is customized to best fit your vending needs.